Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2gether we strong

28 July 2009. We were having ‘makan beramai-ramai” at Bonda. It was so nice. But Shahir and Faisal weren’t there and it was quite disappointing since it would be great if everyone is there. We ate together and laughed together. Some of us was even overexcited that they laughed so hard (upon what I don’t know) till some other customers glanced us. Well, that’s normal for a bunch of young kids like us (young??) to celebrate our once-in-a-blue-moon party. The party was humble. We ate simple food but id don’t matter coz the chemistry between all of us which takes it all. After all, we’re all chemists.

Again my birthday’s been celebrated. Then ada suare kurang enak didengar berkata, “Tak aci, sem lepas dia jugak,” Well, that’s for sure. Hehehe. THAT IS SURE A JOKE… I’m so grateful for it. Actually it’s the celebration for those born in Jun, July and august. Those included me, Muna, Xera, Farah and Seha. We took some photos and we all looked so happy that night. The cake prepared for us last night was like; terrific! It tasted so damn good that I can eat another piece all at one. HaaaH, You gobbler! I really hate when it comes to giving speech. I stood up, looking penetratingly at those innocent faces and said something very typical and I bet everyone was yawning out of boredom. Huhuhu….

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