Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Analytical chemistry, anyOne??

Tomorrow we'll be starting lab 4 this semester. I don't know what others might say but s 4 me, I have different point of view. It's onerous! Well, it's still compulsory for me though. While I'll be struggling in finishing lab reports on time, there will be more things oncoming. Still, I need to face'em.

For me, analytic. chem is something to do about measuring & calculating, and they are somewhat tough. Yeah, I'm not that good in Math so all I've to do is 2 work more on it. People say if you perceive things in a different point of view, it may then turn to be something very good. That's why we ought 2 think damn positively 2 face the ordeals ahead. BAsSYaaH!

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