Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I found this cat lying recklessly and precariously at a corner in HEP building. We were walking home from clinic at that time when we suddenly saw something very hilarious. I laughed so hard when I saw the cat snoring in that way. It was so human. She slept so0o0o soundly with those two back calves pointing out care freely, like us, human lying on the bed. The presence of that eccentric feline (for her freestyle) had got our attention. When we drew nearer, she didn’t even feel intimidated that much. I was about to touch her but suddenly Dzilal cried, “Don’t touch it!” I was kind of puzzled. What’s wrong? I love cat. They’re cute what. She didn’t mind when I stroke her fur (actually I just poke it with my finger). We were so delighted to see such an elusive discovery. It was so rare. Y0u can’t see this everyday unless you’re so common with oddities. The cat was 'alone' and since she has nobody to play with, she went to sleep (my mere postulate) and thanks to us, the cat was quite happy when we approached her.

After the photo session, we went to the bus stand with the image of that comical cat lingering in our mind until it made me chuckled. Cats are adorable and fun to play with. They like being pampered. Whenever I approach cats, they would give me some kind of signal (if human we say gesture or fidgets) as to make me pat and stroke them more. Actually cats are marvelous creatures. But the one we’re raising now is so nasty. He won’t take bath. Whenever we walk passing the bathroom (even when we have no intention of bathing him), he’ll immediately roar “Meow, Meow!”, telling us that he’s so scared of water (that annoys me much). Just imagine how smelly the cat is. It was disgusting. Burgh!!

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