Thursday, July 30, 2009


In one evening, in a little room, there sitting me in front of the window pane; doing some onerous paper works. Looking outside, I just saw a dull wall. What boring scenery. I hope I could have a better view. It didn’t help me to reduce some of this tension.

Thinking of so many undone works, I started to become panic. Lab reports + philosophy’s homework + analytical chem. tutorial + group work and so many others that I couldn’t recall. It was somewhat bothersome. Nevertheless, I shouldn’t complain. This is how students’ life should be. Sometimes, I got so nervous thinking of these tangling miseries. Well, it’s quite exaggerating to say ‘miseries’ coz it’s what we call DUTIES.

Allah knows the best for us and He’ll never test us with things we’re not capable of (Just a typical reminder to ponder). It seems to be like relentless efforts. Well, move on JAnnah!!

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