Saturday, July 18, 2009

A story to share

What happened to me last time....

Last night was a hideous night. We were almost missed our bus. It was the umpteenth time for such a thing to happen. Maybe people are way too tired to listen to the same repeating story.

We were supposed to be at Terminal 2 before 9.30 pm. After performing solat Maghrib, we set off at 8 pm to Batang Benar. Kinah gave us the lift. We immediately bought tickets to Seremban. Unfortunately, for being way too elated to go home, we misled our way. We took the train to KL Central instead of to Seremban. It was lucky enough for us when one of us realized that before we got any further.

At KTM Bangi we alighted. Then we waited for another train to Seremban. It was 8.15 pm at that time. I saw the board which read “SEREMBAN; 2034”. Are we going to make it to Seremban before 9.30? The three of us were so worried. We said to ourselves that we were going to get there in time. I suggested that we should take a cab for we were running out of time. 

To make things worse, the train had again been delayed, to 2054! We were so tense. Then, we climb the viaduct to get to other side to get a cab. Unluckily, the guard didn’t let us pass because our tickets were not valid through the gate.

Then, we talked to the officer there. We begged him to let us pass. He said that we couldn’t even make it there before 9.30 because of the distance between Bangi and Seremban is not just a stone throw. It would probably take 1 hour. 1 hour? Hearing that, my heart beat mush faster than ever. The officer finally made a phone call. Then he said the train would be arriving soon. Once again, we climbed the viaduct to see the train was on her way towards us. It was onerous to carry those bags while running down the way. I ran as fast as I could to catch the train. After getting into it, we were quite relieved but not that much.

I glanced to my wristwatch and it was 9.15 pm. We were staggered. There were several stations before it would take us to Seremban; Batang Benar, Labu, Paroi and then only would be Seremban. I was impatient. With the burdensome bag I was carrying, I stood restlessly while the train was traversing those stations. We reached Seremban only at 9.40 pm. Oh my God! The bus must’ve left already. We rushed out of the station and headed directly towards a taxi. “Pakcik, bawak kitorang ke Terminal 2!” I urged the driver.

When we reached at Terminal 2 (the place was new to us), I ran towards a guard. Barely breathed, I asked him where the counter is. He seemed to be puzzled to see us in such a mess. He then asked “Why? What happen?” Farah and I were truly mad with him. He just needs to answer the question, not questioning us back. I insisted on asking him and then only he said it was at the first floor. First floor? I hurried to the escalator. We ran like idiots while clinging to those heavy bags to get to the counter. Gasping for air, I asked the woman at the counter to call the driver to wait for us. She was reluctant at first but I begged her, saying there happened to be a big ‘accident’ just now. We meant the mistake of taking the wrong train to be an accident, not referring to a true accident like a car crash for instance. I guess for that particular reason she pitied us.

She made a phone call. At first she dialed the wrong number. I was really anxious. Then she told us to go to Paroi Mobil Mart as the bus was waiting for us there. Phew, that’s a relief! I ingested and digested the piece of very crucial information before taking another relentless running down the first floor and heading towards the waiting car. I almost left Farah behind as I ran way too fast and furious. She shouted “Jannah, tunggu aku!”. She followed my pace and sprint as well as to catch me up. I speeded instinctively towards the car without thinking about those weird glances.

There, Dzilal was waiting for us with the driver. I shouted as to make it clear “Mobil Paroi!!” I repeated the same thing several times as to make the driver more alert. I jumped into the seat. The car accelerated down the hill, leaving the silent and spooky terminal.

The driver drove us to the place. We were afraid that the bus wouldn’t wait for us as the road was packed with cars and buses. I prayed to Allah to ease our way. Thank God, we reached 10 minutes after that to see a bus waiting aside the road. We were so relieved for at last we made it into the bus. I jumped into my seat with my heavy bags on my tight. The ordeal had finally come to an end. I shut my eyes and gone into a dreamless sleep.

There are some lessons that I can take from that incident. First, we shouldn’t be too happy upon anything as it would turn out to be bad. Second, we must not be too careless nor too relax. Third, we should be there as early as possible. We’d free time that evening and it was utterly possible to be there on time if we had set off before 7. Huh, all we had only endless predicaments. But those things are actually to make us more matured in doing things and wise in making decisions.

Life is always like that. There would be times when we had to face such unimaginable thing. It is something inevitable. Thinking of the situation back, I feel like laughing. It was actually hilarious to imagine how panic we were at that moment. Well, anyone would feel the same if they are in such nerve-wrecking circumstance. Now I’m happy to be home safely. There will be two more days before I’ve to go back to Nilai.

Hmm.. stupid mistakes

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