Friday, August 07, 2009

Kisah Pisang

I just wanna share with those people a story as a reminder before we go home this mid sem break. This is a beware message as to make sure the same thing won't happen again. As what a Malay proverb says "Pisang tak berbuah dua kali..."

This is the most unprecedented thing in my life. Yesterday, I almost miss the bus to KT due to the ineptness of my friend or maybe my own ineptness. It started two days b4 the incident took place. My other friend offered to send us to Putra coz her house is just a stone throw from it. However, she misunderstood the putra to be Terminal Putra though the real putra is Hentian Putra. No one realized that indeed.

On 24 January 2009, 4 of us, Dzilal, me, Farah and Auni took a taxi to KTM Batang Benar. We were all overwhelmed with excitement to go home. Then at Batang Benar, we bought tickets for KL Central, where from there we could take another ride to Taman Melati. The ride to KL Central took about one hour and we arrived there at about 8.45 am. Man, there were so many people at that station. Next, we ask an Indian guard there how to get to Taman Melati. At about 9 am we were in an LRT to Taman Melati.

I took a glimpse on a map of the trails taken by the LRT. We could actually just continue our way to Hentian Putra without changing our direction to Melati. Athirah took us at Melati station with her little sister. She drove us to a restaurant for a breakfast. It was 10 am and we were feeling that we were going home so soon.


At 10.45, Thirah drove us to Putra and we were extremely shocked to see that was not Hentian Putra but Terminal Putra. At that moment, we were shaking all over since it will take another half an hour to reach Hentian Putra from Taman Melati.

Our bus will set off at 11. What to do? Then Thirah drove straight home to fetch her mum for her appointment with dentist. Her mum was stunned to know that we were about to miss our bus. She said that we were not gonna make it since it takes time to reach there. We were all panicked. In the heart-thumping moments, we tried to call the bus station to make them wait us, though is sounds totally unacceptable. To aggravate the condition, the road was so jammed. Furthermore, we can’t reach the bus station bcoz the ones picking up said ‘’wrong number’’. Wahhh, this is crazy!

At the spur of the moment, her mum gave a suggestion that we should go to Greenwood, where the bus probably take other passengers there (if there’s any). It was our last hope. We ran from car park to Greenwood and I saw a bus trapped in traffic jam. I hope that was the bus. Our relentlessness was really visible to all pedestrians. Luckily, the bus stopped and there was a signboard saying “KL-K.Terengganu”. Oh, gosh! That’s it!!! The bus!

We waved our hands to Thirah and her mum from inside the bus. Tears suddenly rolled down my cheeks. I didn’t know why that happened. Was it because I was afraid of not going home or being way to happy that we finally found our way to the bus? Actually all feelings were mixed. Anger, anxiousness, disappointment, sadness and happiness- all mixed to an unexplainable expression which finally made me cry. Above all, I thanked God for saving us and showing the right direction. The day was full of chaos and havocs.

All and all, it makes me laugh to recall that incident. If we had a chance to take some pictures of the scenes, it would be hilarious to see our relentlessness and chaotic faces.

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