Tuesday, August 25, 2009

a packed oncoming week

oh, it's me again whining and complaining about things. Next week will be so tiring. It's all 'bout TEsT + TesT + Test again and again and again............. (undefined); which would gradually lead to headache, stomacache and so many other sickness. Oooh, it's so 'vexing'. I'm so saturated. However this Ramadahan gives me a feeling of secure and serenity. G00d to be in this blessed month especially when it c0mes t0 tarawih. Though I often got drowsy and yawned during solat it was still managable(speaks 4 urself...). WeLL, assignments are inundating me and I'm not sure whether I'm capable of taking care of them all.. Peace, I'm 0utie

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