Monday, August 03, 2009

the way we feel

Have you ever feel so down until it cornered you to your own space? Have you ever feel left out and ignored; like a recluse? Or maybe feel like being treated like gibberish? Have you ever feel so intimidated and being drifted in your own world of inferiority and endless melancholy? Well, actually it’s just feelings. If we don’t have the ability or the WILL to control it then it will be so bad. All things will seem to be wrong. It’s all about positive thinking. I’ve been so down in some times that I tend to cry by myself. If we contain our depressed feelings and harbored them by our own, we’d feel burdened. Just let it go. Maybe crying sounds childish but it’s a fact that this is one of the methods to cure the heart. Life has its bittersweets which make us experience lots of things. Sometimes, when we are alone, we tend to feel like being left behind or ignored. That’s why we must have friends. They are always there to console you whenever you feel so upset and inconsolable. Also, remember that Allah is always with you. He’ll never leave you forsaken. His divine guidance will always be there for those loyal believers. INGATLAH ALLAH!

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