Saturday, August 08, 2009

What a l0ng day, but that worths..

Since it was Saturday, everyone thronged to AMN. There were lots of people at the academy. I was like stumbled and shocked. Quite startled to see so many human. At the same time, I could see so many USIM students as well. I was wondering, when will I get my turn to do the test? OMig0sh, it t00k h0urs to enter the test hall. I was so bored. Only reading old mags did kill some time before I got the chance to sit for the test. People say you should pay RM50 to repeat the test. I was like, WHAT??! That's too much. Huh, I said to myself that no matter what, I got to pass the test. It doesn't worth it if I have to come again another weekend and have to wait for so many hours just to sit a test for only ONE hour. During the test, I was quite nervous. At that time, I was thinking that I'm not gonna pay another RM50 to repeat the test. Wow, what an adrenaline-pumping moment it was. We were given only 45 minutes to answer the questions. All of them are MCQs but still, they are quite tricky. I was so strained even before entering the test hall for had to be waiting for my turn. After answering, I staggered out of the hall and went into my seat. I felt so tired. Phew, at last I'd gone through the test. And I'm glad with my result. I passed!

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