Sunday, September 20, 2009

at last, i'm back home, homey!

I reached home at 5.30 pm. The journey was long man! I was so eager to be home. That night, we cleaned our home while my mom was cooking rendang and ketupat. I was there chopping some lemongrass when my father came and said, “Kak Nor, meh lah. Tadi kata nak beli kasut,” I left the chore to my sis. She scowled at me but I just giggled. Then I went to follow my father to buy my new kasut raya.

Man, there were so many people in the store. I was so stunned. Why do people like to throng to such places at the very last minute? (Speak for myself). It was so packed that I found it hard to walk and eye those pretty shoes. My father was waiting outside. The atmosphere was so full of chaos, with the banging song of Raya and the frantic voices of customers and salespersons yelling at each other while finding the right shoes. Wow, it was a mad crowd.

I tried to ignore the unrelenting people around me. Traversing one shelf to another, I saw so many pretty shoes. Then, my feet stopped at a shelf where a pair of white shoes lay recklessly with less attention from many other people. It is simple but pretty much cute, and most importantly it was the size of mine. Thank God, I finally found the right shoes for my feet. It is not easy to find shoes of my own size. I abruptly went to a queue at the counter. Oh, there I saw a long queue. Well, I just have to wait for my turn right?

Returning back home, I was overjoyed to try the new shoes. It does not cost that much but it was nice. Then, my siblings went to the front yard to play firecrackers. Wow, I was so overwhelmed with excitement since it is rare to have such an opportunity. It comes once a year dude. The front yard was surrounded with brightness as my father lit the oil lamp using diesel. That night was so loud. It was some kind of a firework display in the sky. There were mercun lebah, mercun gasing, mercun roket, mercun bunga api and bunga api itself. It’s fun!

I woke up early in the morning. After taking bath, I prayed Subuh. Then, I heard the sweet melody of Takbir Raya from Mosque KUSZA. It was so peaceful. Then I went to help preparing the table with food. Wow, so many food. As a food connoisseur, I tried every bite of the food. So many types of kuih raya and also kerepek. Hahahhaha, cannot resist the gobble.

Then, we went to pray Solat Sunat Raya. Oh, there are so many people meek the holy place. After solat of course la balik umah. At home, I changed my new garment. The theme is purple. Like usual, after the salam2 and makan2 we set off to rumah Mak Long. At rumah Mak Long, I met Kak Sa and Kak Long; my cousins. Happy to receive ang pow. Hihi. Unexpected.I ate nasi tomato. Very delicious. Oh, my stomach is full, I moaned. Next thing is we visited rumah Chek De(me aunt) and Pok Mat Blada. A funny thing happened at Chek De's house. Me, Kak SA, Miey, Rah and Kak Long were having some nasi minyak at the table. I asked my father to join us. "Aboh, meh la makan nasi minyak," Then my father who was sitting in the sofa besides my fat cousin replied in a funny satire, "Tak mboh la. Takut jadi macam orang sebelah,"

We burst into laugh hearing such a sarcasm. My cousin just grinned. Then my brother added, "Ye ah. Besor bah, bah Sani 2 tingkat," Isk2, what a bad-mouthed brother I have. We continued laughing till I didn't get to finish the meal. It was rather rude. But it seems like I did enjoy myself laughing. Astaghfirullah.... Gurauan di pagi raya. Hope she didn't mind. After makan2, we returned home with drowsy eyes and full bellies. I fall asleep en route and I could hear my aunty muttering about my habit who loves sleeping in the car, "Ape lah Jannah ni, ske tido lam keta," Yes, the only solution I know to kill sleepiness is to sleep rite? I just continued snoring till we reached home.

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