Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I was taken aback upon what my friend had said to me. She said that one night when she was sleeping, she saw me suddenly getting up from the bad and saying things, like I was giving some kind of speech. She said it was together with the fidgets and gestures, with my hands moving up and down.

Then, I suddenly turned to sleep. Wow, I was speechless! It was so disturbing. Actually it is not the first time.Last year my roommate also detected the peculiarity of my sleeping habit. I tend to be under the consciousness and do something weird like mumbling to myself or do weird gestures. I even had the experience of counting the numbers during my sleeping. “One, two, three…four, five,” My friends said it was so funny and weird. 

But it is not funny though. It is something harmful. What if it happens someday that I tend to suddenly get up out of my bed and maybe harm someone in the sense that I don’t realize what am I doing? That’s something very dreadful to think of. I actually came across an article regarding sleeping disorders like insomnia and sleepwalking. In fact I myself am having the hard time to bring myself to sleep. It really sucks. Maybe that’s the reason why I did such quirky acts during sleeping. 

My mind was not really at rest. It keeps ‘spinning’ even when I’m sleeping. I don’t know why. It’s hard to explain. I’m scared. I can potentially harm others while sleeping. The article puts me in nervousness when I read that there was a case when a woman had nearly killed her mom in her sleep. She clearly said that she didn’t remember anything and suddenly people say that she had strangled her mother. It was something so unnerving. People seem to sleepwalk or seep-talk due to the chaotic mind. 

For me myself, I really think that I cannot stop thinking about things around me, about my works, my life and what so ever comes across my mind. It’s inevitable. That’s why I find it hard to sleep in such a condition. Well, it seems like I’m having trouble in organizing my line of thoughts and my brain-functioning. Wow, it sounds ‘dangerous’. 

Am I a brain-maniac? Or a psycho? Psychic? Or just a little person troubled with so many problems till the sleep time is adversely affected? Hum, I’m much more content with the later one.

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