Thursday, November 12, 2009

what to do

Final examination is finally finished. Wah, I'm very very much happy and so do my other friends. Most of them had already been at home. But for me, I have to stay and suffer the boredom. There is not much thing left to do. Hm, only this Saturday evening I shall spend my time driving at AMN. There are 4 more hours before taking JPJ test. I could feel the shiver on my spine. My little bro is gonna sit for SPM this Wednesday. I really hope he'll manage to get good result coz it's for his own sake. I really miss my home. There really is no place like home. Even though there is not much things to do at home, but the feeling of belonging to the home is something awesome. Wow, am I being poetic right now? Sort of I think. My laptop has been very grumpy lately.He seems to be like blurred. I'm upset with this thing. Maybe I need to go for some service. SOmetImes it liKes to go under a deep sLumber that eVen I triEd to p0ke him, he remained the way it is. Hahahah. I'm so bored. Nothing to do. The only things that we did was studying, again and again. I hope I can go home, take some fresh air and spend valuable time with my family. Yeah. Maybe we'll go out to the beach and had a picnic. Then, I'll drive the car around the neighbourhood. Wow, it's gonna rocks!

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