Tuesday, August 25, 2009

a packed oncoming week

oh, it's me again whining and complaining about things. Next week will be so tiring. It's all 'bout TEsT + TesT + Test again and again and again............. (undefined); which would gradually lead to headache, stomacache and so many other sickness. Oooh, it's so 'vexing'. I'm so saturated. However this Ramadahan gives me a feeling of secure and serenity. G00d to be in this blessed month especially when it c0mes t0 tarawih. Though I often got drowsy and yawned during solat it was still managable(speaks 4 urself...). WeLL, assignments are inundating me and I'm not sure whether I'm capable of taking care of them all.. Peace, I'm 0utie

Sunday, August 23, 2009

cUddLy cAt

This is my adorable cat. She's cute. She actually adopted from my bro's school and it was some kind of cat-napping when my bro put this thing into his bag and bring her home unharmed. We kept her. She is lovely. Pampered enough to make us cuddle and stroke the fur.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Huh, penat dOw!

Frankly speaking I'm so tired. So many things to do maa... Hum, even we're going home for mid sem break there are so many works clinging with us. Ohmigosh! I'm dead meat. So long I didn't update my blog due to time retriction. It's so bad. Doing things last minutes is so onerous. T0morrow will be individual presentation for dakwah and I'm not prepared! Arghhh, help me!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

What a l0ng day, but that worths..

Since it was Saturday, everyone thronged to AMN. There were lots of people at the academy. I was like stumbled and shocked. Quite startled to see so many human. At the same time, I could see so many USIM students as well. I was wondering, when will I get my turn to do the test? OMig0sh, it t00k h0urs to enter the test hall. I was so bored. Only reading old mags did kill some time before I got the chance to sit for the test. People say you should pay RM50 to repeat the test. I was like, WHAT??! That's too much. Huh, I said to myself that no matter what, I got to pass the test. It doesn't worth it if I have to come again another weekend and have to wait for so many hours just to sit a test for only ONE hour. During the test, I was quite nervous. At that time, I was thinking that I'm not gonna pay another RM50 to repeat the test. Wow, what an adrenaline-pumping moment it was. We were given only 45 minutes to answer the questions. All of them are MCQs but still, they are quite tricky. I was so strained even before entering the test hall for had to be waiting for my turn. After answering, I staggered out of the hall and went into my seat. I felt so tired. Phew, at last I'd gone through the test. And I'm glad with my result. I passed!

Friday, August 07, 2009

Kisah Pisang

I just wanna share with those people a story as a reminder before we go home this mid sem break. This is a beware message as to make sure the same thing won't happen again. As what a Malay proverb says "Pisang tak berbuah dua kali..."

This is the most unprecedented thing in my life. Yesterday, I almost miss the bus to KT due to the ineptness of my friend or maybe my own ineptness. It started two days b4 the incident took place. My other friend offered to send us to Putra coz her house is just a stone throw from it. However, she misunderstood the putra to be Terminal Putra though the real putra is Hentian Putra. No one realized that indeed.

On 24 January 2009, 4 of us, Dzilal, me, Farah and Auni took a taxi to KTM Batang Benar. We were all overwhelmed with excitement to go home. Then at Batang Benar, we bought tickets for KL Central, where from there we could take another ride to Taman Melati. The ride to KL Central took about one hour and we arrived there at about 8.45 am. Man, there were so many people at that station. Next, we ask an Indian guard there how to get to Taman Melati. At about 9 am we were in an LRT to Taman Melati.

I took a glimpse on a map of the trails taken by the LRT. We could actually just continue our way to Hentian Putra without changing our direction to Melati. Athirah took us at Melati station with her little sister. She drove us to a restaurant for a breakfast. It was 10 am and we were feeling that we were going home so soon.


At 10.45, Thirah drove us to Putra and we were extremely shocked to see that was not Hentian Putra but Terminal Putra. At that moment, we were shaking all over since it will take another half an hour to reach Hentian Putra from Taman Melati.

Our bus will set off at 11. What to do? Then Thirah drove straight home to fetch her mum for her appointment with dentist. Her mum was stunned to know that we were about to miss our bus. She said that we were not gonna make it since it takes time to reach there. We were all panicked. In the heart-thumping moments, we tried to call the bus station to make them wait us, though is sounds totally unacceptable. To aggravate the condition, the road was so jammed. Furthermore, we can’t reach the bus station bcoz the ones picking up said ‘’wrong number’’. Wahhh, this is crazy!

At the spur of the moment, her mum gave a suggestion that we should go to Greenwood, where the bus probably take other passengers there (if there’s any). It was our last hope. We ran from car park to Greenwood and I saw a bus trapped in traffic jam. I hope that was the bus. Our relentlessness was really visible to all pedestrians. Luckily, the bus stopped and there was a signboard saying “KL-K.Terengganu”. Oh, gosh! That’s it!!! The bus!

We waved our hands to Thirah and her mum from inside the bus. Tears suddenly rolled down my cheeks. I didn’t know why that happened. Was it because I was afraid of not going home or being way to happy that we finally found our way to the bus? Actually all feelings were mixed. Anger, anxiousness, disappointment, sadness and happiness- all mixed to an unexplainable expression which finally made me cry. Above all, I thanked God for saving us and showing the right direction. The day was full of chaos and havocs.

All and all, it makes me laugh to recall that incident. If we had a chance to take some pictures of the scenes, it would be hilarious to see our relentlessness and chaotic faces.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Beware 0f H1N1....

Aku sangat takut dengan H1N1. Kenapa? Why? Limaza? Kerana USIM tak terasa sangat kesannya. Dan apabila kita tak terasa dengan kesan wabak ni, bahaya. Sebab? Kita akan leka dan tidak mengambil langkah bergaja-gaja. Hmm, this is so serious. that's why all those innocent people got infected. Because they don't expect that they'll get exposed to such a dreadful plague.

Semalam aku call mama aku. Mama cakap kat UDM kena pakai topeng. Aku terkejut. Tiada fenomena 'bertopeng' di USIM dan ini seakan-akan memeranjatkan aku. Aku terkesima. Apa?? Well, everyone knows da banyak u yang kena tutup dek wabak swine flu yang membunuh ni. USIM yang tercinta ni tak terkena sangat tempiasnya. Kena tu kena, tapi tak lah sampai terpaksa ditutup. Tak ke naya kami semua. Macam2 nama orang bagi. Swine flu, selesema babi, influenza A, H1N1. Tu seme actually nak gambarkan betapa ngerinya penyakit yang dibawa oleh menatang babi yang kotor ni. (Subhanallah!)

Sebenarnya, aku ter'confused' pasal demam babi ni ngan demam biasa. Sem 1 aku kena demam panas. very bad one. I couldn't even get out of the bed. My temp. was about 40! It was so bad. My body ached all over. The pain attacked all of my joints and bones. I cried for the pain. Tears rolled over my cheeks. Indeed, it was the worst fever ever.

Cakap tentang selesema babi. Orang kata suhu naik. Sakit seluruh badan. Batuk. Sesak nafas. Humm, simptom yang agak biasa. Tapi maybe because of the virus itself would exacerbate the effects. Aku sebenarnya terfikir. Bukankah negara2 barat terkenal dengan hygiene yg sngat tinggi? Even kalau nak compare diorang pnyer hygiene ngan kita punyer sangatlah contradict. Why? I don't know. But still, the cleanliness is not enough to deter them from being influenced by one of the most deadly illness in this world. Again another question arises, why is it so? The only answer is that, the bacterias and viruses in the pigs' meat are way too deadly that even a very high temperature won't kill them all. Even when they cooked the meat in so many ways and recipes (ewww) the microorganisms will not decease. See?

All scientists had already done research about the bacs in pigs and revealed how dangerous they are to us. Nevertheless, Al-Quran had already stated centuries ago that pigs are forbidden, as well as doggies. Yes, Islam is the way of life. Islam prioritize cleanliness. Islam is the best.

Aku berdoa agar kita semua terhindar dari penyakit yang sangat berbahaya ini. Kalau tak silap setakat ni dah 9 orang maut dek wabak selesema menatang babi ni. Allah sebenarnya nak tunjuk kat kita bahawa babi can pose great danger to human beings. Sedarlah wahai manusia2 yang lalai, ingatlah dan kembalilah kepada Yang Maha Esa...

Monday, August 03, 2009

the way we feel

Have you ever feel so down until it cornered you to your own space? Have you ever feel left out and ignored; like a recluse? Or maybe feel like being treated like gibberish? Have you ever feel so intimidated and being drifted in your own world of inferiority and endless melancholy? Well, actually it’s just feelings. If we don’t have the ability or the WILL to control it then it will be so bad. All things will seem to be wrong. It’s all about positive thinking. I’ve been so down in some times that I tend to cry by myself. If we contain our depressed feelings and harbored them by our own, we’d feel burdened. Just let it go. Maybe crying sounds childish but it’s a fact that this is one of the methods to cure the heart. Life has its bittersweets which make us experience lots of things. Sometimes, when we are alone, we tend to feel like being left behind or ignored. That’s why we must have friends. They are always there to console you whenever you feel so upset and inconsolable. Also, remember that Allah is always with you. He’ll never leave you forsaken. His divine guidance will always be there for those loyal believers. INGATLAH ALLAH!

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