Friday, February 12, 2010

holiday has c0me, but.....

Hmm, life has been pretty hectic with those assignments and homeworks. Seems like my one week CNY holiday won't be that happy-tree-friends type. Hoh, lets see what's waiting to be finished:

-Spectroscopic Lab Report
-Inorganic Lab report
-Spectroscopic test
-Kinetics test
-inorganic test
-Statistics test
-Assignment 2 Mathematica
-Assignment 2 statistics [t0uch uP]

I'm so worried on Kinetics test coz I don't get the point what's it all about(this sure is danger0us and not sweet) Vavavava! I need to slog on this no matter what. Hihi. Easier said than done.

I hope this holiday I can sharpen a.k.a polish my driving skill, if my father does give me permission to drive. Insya-Allah....~

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