Monday, March 08, 2010

Ku cuba menahan, tapi...

I'm so sad when my sis told me about the death of my Pussy cat Putih. He was so weak when I last met him. And after being hit by a car(apparently my father's car), he's gotten worse. Actually, my father had already started the car engine but he didn't move from beneath the car. Well, deep inside me, although I feel it's better for him to die rather than living in the endless suffer, I still feel a deep remorse upon his death. Some time before this, I really despise the way he went out for some unreasonable gathering and then coming home with all the bruises and wounds. Some other time, he even broke his legs. When I came to put some medicine to him, he'll lick that out. Hum, I was so confused. That's why his health had deteriorated since then. And that's the reason why he is not allowed to be in the house, unlike the authorization given to Kelabu. I still remember when I was in the yard to do the laundry. He, (Putih) was running after me and I was like "What the heck..!?" I knew that he was feeling so sick and he wants someone to know his pain. I pitied him but I also feel disgusted. Seems like I'm out of topic to write about other than being sympathetic and empathetic for my kittie.

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