Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Life as a heaven

"I thought I've done something good to those people, but in the end it turns bad that someone turns to be hating me".

Have you ever experienced this? I really don't get it. Now is the examination time. And problems keep flourishing. My heart and mind is no longer focused. Instead of focusing on something very crucial, trivial things like this makes me even suffocated. Oh, Gosh! Help me comprehend this life. My life has always been a mess because of things like this. I'm getting tired of this. I think the way to overcome this endless stuff is by isolating myself from the people around me and living in my own world of loneliness and melancholy. I make friends because I cannot stand being alone. All alone.

I also believe that everyone feels the same. And I think this is something normal. Everyone experiences that. No one will be able to stand being alone, without a friend. However, these kind of things make me wonder, why do we have to make friends if we were the one to be torn in the end. These trivial things(I call it trivial coz it is somewhat childish) had always made me sad and sometimes mad.

Like what have been taught in the class, when we linger around we tend to meet many kinds of people. Some other times, we must bear with them and we don't even know that maybe they themselves cannot bear with our own behavior. Life's always like that. Full of unprecedented things. Sometimes, when people get hurt because of us, we tend to feel very guilty but the feeling cannot be expressed in words. As for me, I got sadder coz things like those can even make someone shed the tears.

Oh Lord. I'm so down. I think everything I've done had hurt so many people. What should I do? I'm now blurred, having a thinker's block.

Sometimes, people tend to misunderstand the scowling of my face. I acted like that for it has become some kind of habit. Unbreakable habit. I still don't get it. I'm getting so irritated over nothing.

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erma fatiha said...

why is that so?

I think Uzlah is the best choice.

Mukhalatoh is also good but only at the certain time.

I choose uzlah.
kerana uzlah membuatkan kita dekat denganNya tanpa memikirkan orang lain.Tanpa berfikir tentang ketidakpuasan hati manusia terhadap kita.

bila beruzlah...dunia kita hanya satu.hanya satu iaitu Allah.

bila bercampur...banyak dosa.dan potensi buat dosa pun banyak

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