Sunday, April 11, 2010


This quite recently, I experience some problems to sleep. And even if I sleep, there would be moans and groans and mumblings and babbles. I find it hard to get to sleep. This thing really matters me this moment, and I hope I can find solution to the never-ending sleeping story. Nowadays, I got tired easily, being grumpy and cranky easily. Alas, so many bad feelings lah. Some other time, I shall be so melodramatic. I got into the flow of melancholy; with those weird thoughts lingering around. I can even suddenly shed my tears, which were then trickle down these chubby cheeks.The reason behind the cries are sometimes unexplainable(it's hard to explain you know.)

Owh, Lord. Why am I facing this ordeal?

Why am I feeling so weak, so not energetic to go through these vigorous days?

Why I always feel so down and helpless, feels like screaming in a crowd but no one
is listening?

O' Lord. Gimme some guidance so that this tiny little brittle heart be at peace.

O'Lord, give me some spirit to walk my days with endless passion and never-ending trust.

O' Lord, make me stronger and resistant to any intimidation and harms.

I'm so weak, so fragile, so vulnerable.

I'm so dependent on you.

Ya Allah, You won't burden your slave unless with something that he can bare with.

Yes, that's so absolute.

So certain. So firm and rigid.

Yes, the absolute TRUST, BELIEF and HOPE to Allah will bring you theabsolute
repose and peace in your life.

May Allah bless me and you.


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