Thursday, April 08, 2010

big girls DO cry

It's been a while. I was somewhat losing the interest in writing the blog due to some mood swing. The week was pretty hectic. Assignment, tests, and then assignment again. Those kind of things made me feel congested. What a suffocating world I'm in now! There is less than 2 weeks before the final exam and this really shivers me to my spine. Oh Gosh, I'm so nervous. Have you ever felt so packed with so many things in the mind till it is hard to breath? I even lost my appetite. Just now, I ordered something at the eatery but at the end, I didn't finish my meal. What a waste. I know it. I even experience some kind of unexplainable feeling when a friend told me that she heard me mumbling in my sleep. "Oxygen, oxidation number," I pronounced those things, in my sleep. SLEEP! Am I having sleeping disorders? I guess so. 

Last few days, I felt so down over nothing. Some time, I suddenly shed my tears, prompting my friends to be wondering, "Why is Jannah crying?" Yes, I was so sad. It gets easier to cry like a baby. That other day, I did cry like a child. My friends were all shocked and they were all stumbled upon my childish act. Well, the thing was that, I got so tensed over so many things that finally put me into a state of fragility, causing me to cry. What a pampered cute little lady we got here.

Life is like that; full of unprecedented events. We don't know what will happen tomorrow. No one knows. Only He knows the best. We don't know when we will die. So appreciate time in hand and do the best for our own sake. Innallahama'ana...


erma fatiha said... too

saat aku tensen adalah minggu detiap kali penghujungnya aku akan balik ke kelantan.

esok aku nak balik dah..

harap2 takde ape2 pun yang boleh mengingatkan aku pada ketensionan aku di sini bile aku duk sane nanti

i need some time to rest,may be this is the way rite?

i keep on crying too..dunno why.

ⅉαnnαhツ said...

yer ema. memang hidup ni byk dugaan.

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