Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Holiday mode

6 Jun., 10. Kami sekeluarga telah ke Sekayu, Kuala Berang untuk menghabiskan masa cuti sempena Ulang Tahun kelahiran Yang Di pertuan Agong Sultan Mizan. Well, so many people though at Sekayu! We barely got our spot. Right after we found the spot, we unpacked our lunch. Lapor sangat dowh. Hm, ramai sangat orang. Rasa mcm sesak semacam. That’s why we’ve got ourselves a little secluded spot; to avoid the crowd. Macam2 jenis orang ade. And masyaAllah! There were also some tourists in bikinis, resting and pampering themselves in the clear water. Some naughty boys were congregating on the rocks and they were making loud noise over the tourists. So useless. I got annoyed over them . But it doesn’t mean that I like seeing those ladies in striking bikinis. It’s the matter of respecting others. Their act was way too foolish that it gave me goose bumps.

Abah and din said there were so many improvements made there. Before this, those chalets were not there. Now there is even a new bridge built to ease the visitors for sightseeing. The weather was quite hot. I planned to taste the water but there were so many people which made me changed my mind. Only after sometime, we found a strategic spot when I joined my two brothers to dip ourselves in the water. Woo, sejook! Well, I didn’t take bath but it was enough to dip my legs. Only my youngest brother took bath. Not long after that, the sky turned grey, giving us the sign that the rain would pour down in any seconds. It was dangerous when it rains in Sekayu as the water level may raise and pose great risks to the people. We rushed back but had to stop midway coz the rain was quite hard. Then, we took a trail on Taman Herba. Nothing much actually but it worth looking around, well; cuci mata.

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