Monday, June 14, 2010

story of the forsaken

The story happened on one fine day. When I was off to the yard to do the laundry, I saw those two playing behind the door. Bubu was tilting on my foot, looking like she was trying to play with me. I smiled and I gave her a stroke. After that, I lifted that heavy basket full of laundry yet to be done, and at that time I saw Bubu and Goldie were already outside the house so I slammed the door (since the door is made of wood called cengal and obviously it is heavy though). “Miowwwwwwwww!!!!” I heard a loud shriek from bubu. When I looked down, I saw Bubu dashed into under the fish Kelisa car, screaming. Then only i knew the door had had her little tail. I went to stroke her black fur, but suddenly she ran away from me, purring in pain. Suddenly I saw a bloodstain on the floor.

Oh Gosh! She’s bleeding. I saw her tail bled so badly. I was so remorseful. Why did I slam the door so hard till I didn’t realize her cute little tail was still inside the house? She was an innocent kitten. I told my brother what happened and he went to cease some medication from the safety kit. It was Sea cucumber medication oil, or simply ubat gamat . When I took her to rub the oil, she was trying to escape. Bubu trembled in pain, like it was the worst ordeal ever to get over with. She was distraught and every time she wagged the tail, she would purr in pain. I could see how excruciating the injury was. Once when I was little, I played soccer with my childhood friends, together with my boy siblings on the parking garage.

It was the same door that I slammed my finger with. Actually I was dodging the ball when I accidentally put my cute finger near the door. When the wind was blowing, it struck the door and the door slammed against my finger. Ouch, it hurts even when thinking of it. I cried so hard when my finger bled. I put the little kitty in the cage to ensure a better healing process because if not, she would run and went berserk over the injury. At first, she could not stay put, and she was struggling to get out of the cage and cried in pain. But then my brother had stroke her head and blew some air on her.

Not long after that, she went into a sleep. That’s a relief. At that time, I heard her mom calling her missing kitten. Also, her brother, Goldie was also distraught. Goldie seemed to be walking back and forth, waiting unceasingly to play with his sister. I felt so guilty over Bubu’s injury.But as for Goldie, he'd gotten much more active and cuter than ever.

"I must wear this whenever she's around. She's just a
moving accident-rendering-machine!"

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