Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Stromboli is a type of bread which is made by stuffing meat, chicken or fish onto the flatted dough and it is then rolled into a long loaf of bread. After stuffing the ingredients, it is baked at 230 degree Celsius for about 20 minutes. Actually, making the dough for Stromboli is quite easy, just pull out the same recipe for making pizza dough. The filling for this bread is also similar to that of pizza's topping. The only thing that differentiate these two foods is that Stromboli is rolled, while pizza is baked with toppings. The ingredients for the toppings of the pizza and the filling of a Stromboli are not that much of difference.

After the dough is finely baked, it is then cooled down and it is served in thick portions. Since that I had some time today and I got nothing to do but sleeping and watching TV, I decided to make Stromboli. I watched Rachael Ray's show on ntv7 last week and I was so elated to see how easy it was to make a Stromboli. But of course, her recipe would be much more delicious and mouth watering, since she used a lot types of cheeses and also Italian sausages. I got limited stuffs so I stick to those in the fridge. I still remember the name of one of the ingredients which she always use in her cooking. If I'm not mistaken, it is permegianno-regianno.

Well, it's not easy to find such ingredients in my town. I am really into this baking stuffs but since I'm an amateur, there are lots more to be learned and improved. Like what they say, ''there is always room for improvements." Let's stick to the quote, shall we.

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