Saturday, July 24, 2010

It's been a while...

It feels like I haven't written for some time. Well, there have been assignments. I cannot be online since the Internet was broken. Hm, seems like I have to go back and forth from the cc to complete my assignments. Actually, I'm still recuperating from this fever. The doctor said that I should take precautions coz I'm not out of the danger zone yet. All I hope is that it won't be dengue or worse, H1N1. Nauzubillah...

Today is 24th July 2010, and I'm much older now. So, I must become more mature than before. Now, I'm already in my third year of study, and there are 3 more semesters before the practical. That's why I feel like the number of my age signifies that I must be like a grown up. No more childish and ridiculous acts and pranks. But, still, we'll see how it'll go. 

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