Sunday, September 12, 2010


           On second day of Syawal, my family and I went to Pasir Mas, Kelantan Darul Naim; the place where my mother was born in.

           Actually, my mother has a big family network compared to my father. So, we had visited quite a number of houses. First and foremost, we stopped by at Machang Gojoh, my grandpa's house. Then, we went to my grandpa's sister's house, where we had our lunch at. Next destination was Mak Su Yam's house a.k.a. my mother's aunt house. My mother has a cousin whose daughter also studies at USIM in FPQS (Fakulti Pengajian Quran Sunnah). Wow, what a small world isn't it? (Still I couldn't recall of seeing her anywhere around USIM). Well, USIM is huge... No wonder la.

           We went home at the same day coz there are lotsa works to do the next day and there were also some problems that urged us from staying any longer at Pasir Mas. Some family matters. In fact we wanted to stop by at my aunt's house at Rantau Panjang but something was up that we had to cancel the visit. Hm, last destination was my mom's grandpa's house, which is also my great-grandpa's house. There we met our uncle (of the same mother as my m0m's). We st0pped by to perform solat jamak ta'khir. Actually we wanted to stop by at Fizo's father's akok stall but unfortunately it was closed (tak dapat nak merasa akok ngan baulu tahun ni..huhu).

Here are some pictures taken at Kelantan. Enjoy yourself in the serene views of nature. PEACE!



daznyte said...

jannah... sakan napok beraye taun ni!
bakpe dop g iftar jami'e bdk2 tj ritu?
hehe.. slamat hari raye eh jannah.. :)

Jαnnαhツ said...

la, ade iftar jami'e ke. dop tau pung. huhu. siyan.

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