Friday, September 10, 2010

♫ Hai Selamat Hari Raya....

This year, it was blissfully coincident that 1 Syawal fell on Friday. It felt like it’s been years that we’d last celebrated raya on this holy day. On the blessed day of Aidilfitri, me and my family who were in silver-ous theme of baju raya (except for my lil sis who looked a little bit awkward with that pink garment), gathered around to celebrate this great day. The atmosphere of raya is easily felt by the avalanche of raya programme on the television. Still, all the repeating programmes which are being broadcasted freely on TV do not thwart us from visiting our relatives at kampong. Although it feels like routine (for me I guess), still it gave some kind of good feeling; the feeling of belongingness. Yes, we belong to each other.

 I feel so excited coz though I’m grown up, still I was given duit raya. Hahaha. Lucky enough, rite? Hehehe, kayo, kayo. This raya also, I didn’t eat much coz I wanna control my BMI. Still, I managed to eat nasi minyak, nasi dagang and lemang. And of course other types of raya biscuits. Well, the celebration won’t be merrier without those plates of delicious gourmets.

                                                                          Happy feet


Di Serada, rumah Pok Mat, sepupu aboh.

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Myterious guy said...

Hm, cantik baju raye. Sedondon sefamili.

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