Thursday, November 11, 2010

Somniloquy a.k.a mengigau

sape lah yang tak pernah mengigau dalam tido. i bet most of us have experienced such mysterious phenomenon at least once in our life, right? Sleep talking is a disturbing sleep phenomenon which occurs mostly among young children. 4% cases were reported among adults. And I am among that 4%. Which means, I am also a sleep talker. Do you guys ever sleep talk?

Sleep talking or somniloquy referred to talking aloud in one's sleep. It either can or cannot be understood by others. Somniloquy is often associated with fever. But how about those who sleep talk without fever? There are several reasons. Sometimes, those who had nightmares would sleep talk out of the extreme fright.  Sometimes, those who sleep talk may have thought about so much things before he/she goes to sleep, prompting the brain to rewind the memory cycle, and causing the person to speak out loud during the sleep. It was kind of spooky (and sometimes funny) when you find your friend suddenly woke up in the middle of the night and deliver some speech.

ngeh, ngeh, sedapnye tido...

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