Sunday, December 05, 2010

buang empat penyakit lama

hai, bertemu lagi di arena blog. hari ni aku tergerak untuk mengulas mengenai apa yang disebut oleh pm kite dalam news kat tv3 tadi. aku sebenarnya tak minat dengan politics ni (though i know involving in such a realm is a necessity), tapi tetibe rase tertarik dengan kenyataan pm sempena konvensyen bn 2010 pagi tadi. it's something that is worth taking note of and something that should be applied in our daily life basis.

pm kata, kita mesti kikis empat penyakit lama yakni:

delusion (khayalan)
amnesia (lupa)
inertia (jumud)
arrogance (angkuh)

and of course, he spoke these things in terms of political aspects in order to gain the trust of the 'rakyat' for the next election but for me, this is something good and worthy as it can be implemented in our life, especially as students. yes, we must not let ourselves drifted in delusion. being in delusion will do us no good. in fact, it will make us forget about our real purposes of living (amnesia) in this world and finally stick us into a state of stagnancy (no improvement). maka jadi jumudlah kita (inertia) dalam kehidupan kita kerana tiada pembaharuan.

as students, we should not be arrogant in seeking the knowledge. when one gets very proud of himself, he'll never go far for he already feel complacent with his current state. the feeling of complacence would deter you from moving on. instead, the one who always feel humble would always carry on improving himself for he knows, the more he seeks the knowledge, the more he doesn't know. 

let's eliminate all these lame habits namely delusion, amnesia, inertia and arrogance for our own improvement. the choice is in your hand...

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