Sunday, December 26, 2010

off we go!

Hello everyone! Wow, it felt like ages that I didn't write (though only 5 days passed since my last writing). Okay, no pressure. Now, it's the time to put aside the endless infatuation and affection for the cute furry creature we call cats. I wanna tell you all the story about our family outing to kuantan to visit my big bro who is studying at iCAM.  

En route to Kuantan, we got amazed by the beauty of Kemasik Beach, prompting my father to turn left instead of jalan straight, don't belok-belok. So, we took some photos there since the views were so beautiful with those astounding rocks that looked very big and proud. I was so mesmerized with the seashells so me and my siblings started to be like ''she sells the seashells on the seashore". We acted like scavengers back then when we got way too engrossed collecting the shells. I got some seashells in my grasps. No more remorse though my hands itched after my skin was in contact with the salty sea water because it was fun.

Spot those rocks!!

At Kemasik Beach (Pantai Kemasik) enjoying the serene view of the beautiful beach on top of the big chunks of rocks. My mom said that Nescafe commercial used to make this place their spot for nescafe ads. I was not so surprised coz its beauty is worth seeing.

Spot the dirty facemaker

Dean snapping momma's pic

My brother and sister indulging themselves in photo shooting on the beautiful clumps of rocks 


Thanks to our eldest brother, Abang Mi we got to feed the hunger en route going home. He didn't only gave us treat on food, he also gave MY LIL SISTER  presents for her excellence in PMR. Ship ahoyy SIS! 

La sistah

We had another outing with Abang Mi to Pantai Teluk Cempedak. Abang Mi drove us along the way since he is more familiar with the traffic there. We were so lucky that we got to traverse the wooden trail without being chased by those wild monkeys that would snatch foods or drinks the visitors are having. But it was so frustrating that our mom couldn't join us. It would be much more fun with our beloved mum around. 

Wallah, another day at the beach! How I found myself to be so fond of the sea that I wanted to take a dip in the  water, but like always, our father prohibited us from jeopardizing ourselves since we all but him can't swim. huh~

The only siblings I have in this world

MY BRO who always seeks attention from us by doing his weird and funny poses like this one, yet he always make us laugh. tu, tu, tu, tu..... (the rhythmic sound he likes to make that makes me and my sis laugh till we drop)

Strolling in the sands

The beautiful scenery of Pantai Teluk Cempedak

Actually, I suggested that we go and eat steamboat but since we were going home early and it would be ridiculous to have steamboat for lunch, the idea was left un-entertained. wuwu~

Lastly, pick of the day:

Wow, galloknyer!


Anisa Hang Tuah said...

nice photo

Na said...

malhago shipjiman;
those are coral!!!

zack said...

really a nice pic..

Jαnnαhツ said...

zack: tulah dia all-time photographers famili sy... trima kasih sbb singgah :)

zak said...

and really a nice beach..kalo ada peluang mau juga singgah di pantai itu.

zack said...

and really a nice beach..kalo ada peluang mau juga singgah di pantai itu.

Jαnnαhツ said...

singgahlah kat kemasik ni, pekena air kelapa skali. best!

zack said...

boleh masuk to do list nie..

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