Monday, January 18, 2010

stop and stare

Hm, my life was pretty hard 4 the last two weeks. We’re like those people living at the streets. Maybe it’s too outrageous to say that it felt like being like scavengers, or perhaps being more or less of so. Even before moving into the new house, we had to do the very tiring works of cleaning the house; from the easiest one like cleaning the floor to the heavy ones like using the hoe(cangkul cangkulan) at the backyard and even unpacking . It was unbelievable that it was only a few months that last people rented that house. my crib is now located in Desa Anggerik, a stone throw away from USIM. Well, the best thing is that, we don’t have to move from hostel every semester and believe me, it’s really a BIG relief. I hate moving from hostel to hostel. Seriously! It’s way too exhausting, making me out of my breath and break my arms and legs. Do believe me it’s that serious.

Nevertheless, moving into the new house wasn’t easy. We’ve got to spend a lot of money. There is no single furniture and i have to go all the way to nilai 3 and even Giant with my friends seeking the matresses, shoe racks, wardrobes, book shelves and even fans. But i’m glad that some of the stuffs were having discounts at that moment. Still, the money flows vigorously. There are seven members including me in this lovely house; Thirah, Dzilal, Izah, Ira, Ain, Farah and me of course. I had my shelter in this small room with my full-0f-chaos friend; Dzilal, whilst the ones having the master rooms are Ain, Farah and Izah. Well, Izah is like our ‘other mother. She does most of the chores; from cooking to managing all house expenses. Wow, she really is dedicated to be a real mom soon, trust me coz I’m good at judging people.

Hahaha, yes I do! The one living in the small rooms are Athirah and Ira. I really envy those two for they always get to go home during weekend and spending time with the families. I was not t00 suprised to know that the neigbourhood is like another “Usim”. Yes, indeed it is. Coz out there we could see usim students walking pass by the roads going back and forth to the campus. Hm, it’s the area under USIM territory I guess. Pretty much like it. Our neigbour is a Malay family with four kids. On the first day we got to know each other, he gave us a comb of bananas. Next door is an Indian lady, who likes to walk her dog every evening. Whenever she walks her dog, we will scamper and scurry, like a bunch of buffaloes stampeding from a hungry cheetah and then she’ll ask, “Takut anjing ka?”

Hells NO! We don’t run coz we’re afraid of dogs but we don’t want to go for the 7-times washing if we come to t0uch that little creature. I used to be in contact with the poops and urine of a dog; big doggie, really big. As big as an adult dog could be. Then I had to wash my footwear after stepping on the dog urines via samak. Well, no big deal, except for the smell and it’s najis la.... Eww, gross.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

a huge relief after the big days

I feel really happy after moving into da new house. It was like a big relief, like having the choked fish bone from my throat removed. ahax! Now, it's all about us and the house.We're living 2gether like a big happy family.

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where you can reach me.