Saturday, July 24, 2010

It's been a while...

It feels like I haven't written for some time. Well, there have been assignments. I cannot be online since the Internet was broken. Hm, seems like I have to go back and forth from the cc to complete my assignments. Actually, I'm still recuperating from this fever. The doctor said that I should take precautions coz I'm not out of the danger zone yet. All I hope is that it won't be dengue or worse, H1N1. Nauzubillah...

Today is 24th July 2010, and I'm much older now. So, I must become more mature than before. Now, I'm already in my third year of study, and there are 3 more semesters before the practical. That's why I feel like the number of my age signifies that I must be like a grown up. No more childish and ridiculous acts and pranks. But, still, we'll see how it'll go. 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Apabila suhu mencapai 39.3 degree Celcius

Semalam, bangun jer dari tidur, aku pening kepala. Berdenyut-denyut rasenye. Ditambah pula dengan rase nak muntah. I thought it was a migraine. Mata aku pula cam tak bleh nak buka, sakit and berdenyut-nyut. Badan aku sangatlah sakit, lebih-lebih lagi sendi ngan tulang. Sakit sangat!. Then I went to HEP(Hal Ehwal Pelajar) clinic for a check-up. The doc said the symptoms were similar to H1N1. No!! Aku taknak H1N1. Tu dah selsema babi namenyer. Kalu yelah H1N1, maybe aku terkena jangkitan time kuar gi mid ari tu. Lam train ramai giler manusia. Macam sardin da. Lepas check, aku negative H1N1, plus, my platelet went down to 150. Platlet turun??! Phew, mujur bukan selesema baby (sebut baby baru sopan sket, hehe).  Tapi macam dah kena denggi pulak. Uh-uhhh. Padahal hari tu baru jer fogging. Hm, sabar je la. Semalam aku dapat mc sebab suhu 39.3 degree Celcius. Sepetang tu aku tidur. Tadi pergi check darah platlet turun lagi. 149. Wuwu. Aku kena minum 100 plus lagilah nampak gayanya. HAHAHHA!

p/s: Ma, Aboh, doakan anakmu ini sihat. Jangan bimbang. Demam ni tak teruk sangat. Hari ni dah pergi kuliah. Kuliah java lagi. Hahaha. Tapi nape takde orang ye??

Friday, July 09, 2010

Crazy for this song!! ♥

                    I know it may sound weird coz it seems like impossible for a person like me getting addicted to this football anthem. The song Wavin Flag by K'naan is so catchy that I can't help myself from listening to it over and over again till my head bangs with those thumping sound of the great football song. Well, it's just a song; a piece of art from Africa and I don't even like football though, and people might say that it's unfortunate to not liking this beautiful game. I don't know how beautiful this game is, but I know this anthem of Football WorldCup is so beautiful. Yes, indeed it is. I accidentally heard this song from a CM on TV9 and I was like, "Wow, what a beautiful song!"  Never been addicted to any song this much. Gee~ ♥♥♥♥♥

Give me freedom
Give me fire
Give me reason take me higher
See the champions take the field now
You define us make us feel proud

In the streets
our heads are lifting,
As we lose our inhibition,
Celebration, it's around us,
every nation all around us,

Singing forever young,
Singing songs underneath that sun,
Lets rejoice in the beautiful game,
And together at the end of the day,
We all say,

When I get older,
I will be stronger,
they'll call me freedom,
just like the waving flag,
and then it goes back,
and then  it goes back,
and then it goes back,
and then it goes,

When I get older,
I will be stronger,
They'll call me freedom,
Just like the waving flag,
and then it goes back,
and then  it goes back,
and then it goes back....

No matter how I see this song, all I could say is that it's all about the unity of the people from all over the world. Well, football does bring those people to gather around and celebrate the game of their common interest. It is one of the good and healthy ways to bringing people from various races and countries together in harmony. For me, football is not my forte like many people out there who have a very deep crave for this game. All I know is Spain would meet Netherlands this very coming week. Seems like millions of people out there is looking forward to watching this imminent match. Well, we'll see how it goes.

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