Saturday, January 01, 2011


What a beautiful date! All in one. However, this beautiful date signifies something that I prefer to call it ugly. It tells me that my holiday is taking its toll.

Yes, we ARE at the very beginning of the new Year 2011 and it means that I must return to the university to study and study and study. Oh, how I find myself to be at the end of my holiday and truthfully, I am feeling sad. The new semester is starting. Sob, sob, sob...Tonight, I will depart from KT bus station to Nilai.


No more fooling around with my siblings,

no more making big fuss over nothing, 

no more making stupid noises that annoy our parents, 

no more playing ridiculous games with our precious cats Goldie and Bubu,

 no more staying up late just for internet surfing until we get scolded because the modem gets very hot, 

no more sleeping so soundly up until 10 a.m. (after pray subuh), 

and no more watching Supernatural until we got forced to go to sleep by our own drowsiness.

Huh, what a sweet bunch of sweet memories we siblings
 had had for the past few weeks and today
 has come to terminate it all. Urgh! (stomping feet)

I remember what my parent said last night, "Hm, kekgi Kak Nor ngan Din takdok, sunyi ar ghumoh," (If kak nor and Din have gone, the house would be so quiet). Yes, indeed. It was me and my brother always drum up the racket in this house. Well what to do? We just have to leave the house and all the funs and joys we had together in it for the sake of knowledge.

     Goldie, ottokaji?

p/s: aku selalu rasa semacam bila tyme nak naik bas. aku ada satu perasaan dendam kat hentian bas   terengganu tu (bodoh kan nak berdendam ngan bangunan yang tak bernyawa, dia buat salah ape kat aku?). entah, maybe sebab tempat tu adalah tempat yang menyaksikan perpisahan aku dan famili aku bile nak berlepas (berlepas?) berangkat ke Nilai. But maybe the grudge will vanish someday, I hope so (coz there's  no use to have grudges against something inanimated)


Anisa Hang Tuah said...

erk.i tought that yesterday was a new year..*yawn*

nyway,happy new year yaaa

Heidi Shafiq said...

happy new year beb! :)

Jαnnαhツ said...

happy new year!

Na said...

semakin kecok kaki....huh, urr! (sammy's voice)

Adean said...

hu2.rndu goldie n bubu.argh!mu blik raye cina ni.ak blik.smgu cuti.

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