Saturday, January 22, 2011

.: Hopes and Dreams :.

Last week, when I was sitting there in the front row of the class, talking to one of my friends about the seminar, I heard a loud noise behind the class. Then the silent unspoken words were lingering in my mind,

"What's the commotion? What were they up to?"

From what I heard, it seemed like they were so engrossed talking about something which sounded quite important. Well, I was so curious to know it but before I could stand up, I heard one of my friends' voice shouting from the loud and mad discussion,

''Jannah, jom pegi kursus kahwin!"

She shouted as if I was miles away lol. I just smiled and then these things went to strike my chaotic brain "What the heck? Kursus kahwin?" I was blurred. Deep inside, my heart whispered, what's the rush? 

For me, those who attend such program are only a step away from wedlock. They may have had plans of getting married soon. As for me and I believe for most of my friends, it would be at least a year to come for us to be in such thing called matrimony coz we all know that we are still studying.

 But then again, who knows Allah will find you your soul mate sooner than you would have thought? Wallahuallam..... Nobody knows.

They said it would only be a two-day
program and it costs only RM55. 
Furthermore, the certificate is legitimate till you die!
Holy crap! (something that sounds somewhat rude people my spit
to express extreme shock and surprise, I tell you what it wasn't me)

Coming back to the question uttered by my friend, I gave them a depressed face while saying this, "Urm, tak nak la. Aku sibuk la," A very stupid answer because everybody knows that aint nobody would be such a busy bee on weekends. Even all matters on the seminar must be settled during weekdays.

That was the moment when my friend said "Ala, hujung minggu mu nak pegi kampus jugak ke?" while frowning at me. You already know the answer right? Hehe. I saw my other friends making faces like they were just about to burst and say "Jom la pegi ramai-ramai baru best...". Or were you guys thinking of something else haaah...?!

 Well, I was just making excuses coz I didn't feel like going to such
 program. It'd never crossed my mind. 
Never! Not in this moment!

I felt so ambivalent. If I didn't go then I will stay by my own since almost everybody including my lovely house mates were signing up like it was a very important event everyone must go! But Jannah if you go, it won't damage you la. Come on, babe. Chill.  

Well, a decision just has to be made to make everybody happy.
. be continued...


Erma Fatiha said...

jadi, mung gi ke dop jenifer?

Jαnnαhツ said...

gi. tp arini abih doh. best jugak la.

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