Thursday, January 13, 2011

An Overview

So far, I found Industrial Chemistry 1 to be somewhat interesting because it deals with the processes in chemical industry. The course revolves around all the chemical products we all use in our daily life like soaps, detergent, perfumes (I like this one), paints, so on so forth (I can't remember all dude...).

Electrochemistry. Phew (exhaling deeply), I found myself to be quite stupefied, petrified, TERRIFIED when I saw this course on my account on ewadi when I registered for this 6th semester. *Sigh*.

When I was in Sementoji (my secondary school la to be exact), I really despise this subject. I had always slept in the Chemistry class, especially when the teacher (I forgot her name LOL) taught about the electrochemistry part. I don't even seem to remember my teacher's name! See how terrible I was?

Actually, this behaviour of mine really sucks! You cannot be picky when it comes to study. As long as it is called knowledge a.k.a ilmu pengetahuan yang berguna, you ought to learn it coz if Allah wills it, you'll earn something good later on.  As for this semester, I'll do my best in this course (actually you are learning the same thing again and again and over again  sampai kau boleh termuntah darah, daging seme dah). Itulah dia...

Hm, well, for thesis, I got Dr Farah as my supervisor. She majored in Inorganic chemistry (which had violently thrown me  into endless bafflement and a frantic shock coz we at first thought she majored in Organic lol). A big laugh for me. Hahahaha (funny crap!)

And of course I got topic for my thesis inorganically. Well, it doesn't matter because the title was somewhat intriguing (I call it intriguing due to the mystery it holds, ehhe). 

 Synthesis and FTIR spectroscopic method of
 endomethacin crystal form 

Does that sound intriguing enough? Dare to take my thesis title? (sighing while making stupid arrogant scowling face.....) I challenge you right now, right this moment. Right now! No one? Huh....I knew it!

 Haha, scratch that madness, will you?

I'll try my best for this. Azam baru ni. Jangan celen-celen aku deh?

p/s: Frankly speaking, I really have no clue on what it is all about. A total blur. Still I have a plenty of time to solve the mystery and put the lost pieces of puzzle into its place. Ship ahoy, Jannah! (Yeah, whatever).

Menulis sambil tersengguk-sengguk cam nak tidur....


JoheumSaramWannabe said...

it's hard to "recognize"...

Anonymous said...

why it's unrecognized? wuwuwuwuh.... ngiahhaaa.... (crazy lady)

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