Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Shop till you drop

Yeah.... that's how ladies shop dude. Though I bought only a pair of shoes and some hair bands there, still the roaming at the shopping complex is tiring enough to give me bloated thigh and swollen feet. Nevertheless, I'm happy to go out with my friends. It's good to hang around just like that.

It seems like we made decision to go to Melaka at first but em, due to some unavoidable reasons, we went to Mid instead.  All the seven of us were hanging out together like true housemates/classmates/coursemates. Wow, it was like a truly lovely bunch of happy tree friends hanging around!

I experienced teppanyaki for the first time. There were so many choices to be made and I was like "waah, nak pilih yang mana satu nie?nak pilih yang manu satu nie?" After all the thinking and discussing and also asking Ira on which one is good, I chose set pari.  I tell you what, it was damn delicious! (oops, sorry for using the word damn here, I mean it was frigging delicious or something like that la, didn't mean to be rude maaa ..)

Teppanyaki pari yang sodapnyo haih. Lebih-lebih lagi bila makan ngan nasi panas. Sedap.

Can afford only hot milo, huhu....

p/s: so happy coz I finally found the shoes I like. Hihi... (senyum sampai telinga)


Na ~ な said...

well I say, no mayo? this food

Jαnnαhツ said...

memang takde mayo pun. ini bukan burger apatah lagi hotdog mahupun roti john. tp lepas makan boleh lah main football and giggle nervously while eating lolipop... ngiahhahhahaha... (Sam's voice)

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