Wednesday, January 19, 2011

five minus two


actually i wanna share something.

 urm, today, after the class of disposal technique, we went to meet dr farah to discuss about the elimination. hah! elimination? yes, elimination!!! (oops, redundant-nya ai!)

okay scratch that. urm, actually, at fst, we just got a new lecturer in. he is dr aziz. dr aziz? yes, bukan aaron aziz eh? clearly it is a man. so, obviously he would be having students under his supervision for thesis. well, since there were 5 students under dr farah, dr farah decided to eliminate 2 of us to be under dr aziz's supervision.  elimination!

so just now, it's been decided that xera and dzilal should be eliminated. hah! then i asked xera whether she is ok with that elimination (haha, padahal aku yang nak dengan dr aziz tuh, hihi). then xera thought that she is so into the thesis title she already got and she decided to stick with that, so she gave in. she wanted to stay with dr farah and exchange with me (actually i want to be under dr aziz coz i was kind of wanting to have the same supervisor with my roommate) ehhe!

then, we went to bahagian keselamatan to pay saman. there,we made rayuan with the woman officer. wah, luckily, the somewhat-pay-through-your-nose saman of rm50 had plummeted to rm15. yes! yes! if not, it would be pitiful and painful to pay for that rm50. 


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