Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Final Thesis Title

That's my thesis title for my final year project. 

Urm, I found this title quite interesting. If somebody would ask me why'd I say interesting, I shall give an answer which would sound pretty much like this,

"It is astounding that something valuable and of commercial value can be derived from something as trivial as coconut shell. Don't you think?"

As simple as that.

Last semester, I got this for my honours seminar:

The effects of gamma rays on chitosan 

Well, they have some similarities. The chitosan is derived from crustaceans' shell whereas the activated carbon is derived from coconut shell.  (fyi crustaceans are animals gifted with outer skeleton for their protection from perilous predators in their environment like shrimps, sea snails, crabs, lobsters,  so on so forth just google it will ya?!!) ceyt, tetibe je grumpy.

Notice the similarities? It's all about SHELL.

coconut shell, and.......

siput shell

That's why I got the same perception on this title with the previous one. I was amazed by the commercial values hold by both coconut shell and crustaceans' shell. 

Chitosan derived from crustaceans' shell is used in drug delivery and biomedicine. Activated carbon from coconut shell can be used in water treatment. Both of them are extracted and converted from something insignificant into something beneficial and valuable. 

O' world, behold the magic of knowledge given by Allah that enables human to exploit things around them! O'world, behold His wisdom in creating things that have their own distinguished functions for us to apply in our life! Subhanallah.... Masyaallah! 

Nevertheless, I'm still searching and hunting for the infos. I hope the mood to info-hunt would emerge sooner. 

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