Sunday, February 27, 2011

hatred vs love

hey you!

why are you being like this?

why do you keep pestering me?

why do you always trouble me with your look and scent?

do you think you are good or what?

do you feel like you're the best thing ever in this world (and perhaps the universe)?

do you think you really are everything to me?

how could you possibly made me crazy about you?

what kind of spell had you casted on me?

what, do you think you're some kind of wizard or something?

how did you make me thinking about you all day long?

what have you done to make me become very dependent of you?

why are you being so damn delicious?



just tell me why, will ya?!

you're simply inspiring, baby!


daznyte said...

ceyh... ingatkn falling in love with someone.. sungguh2 ak bace.. haha

Jαnnαhツ said...


haha, ingat aku bercintan ke ape. memangla bercintan tapi dengan kopi..

Anonymous said...

btw itu bukan sup cendawan campbell tapi kopi panas. wakaka.

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