Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Never Ever Felt This Way

Last day was a nightmare. Maybe because there were so many problems that had occurred and my head just can't take it anymore and it started to pound. The 2 and half hour lecture was somewhat torturing since I couldn't focus so much that I only scratched the book with my yellow highlighter. Yes, scratching without focus.

When I got home, I felt like throwing up. I tried to make myself throw up but I failed, just like how I did with Java paper on my second semester. Okay, scratch that memory. I nearly threw up but only the taste of my lunch meal came up in my esophagus. Ewww! Indeed I failed to throw up. It was just feelings. Actually I wanted to throw up since it will make me feel relieved. But what to do, I'm a weak person.

It was so hard even to blink my eyes. It felt like the veins on my eyelids got severely swollen that they almost burst. When the sunlight struck my eyes, I had to squeeze my eyes. It hurts so bad! Mommy, what the buck is happening to me????

Then when I got into my bed, I just shut my eyes. It helped a bit. But when I got up and walked around, my head started pounding. Then I ate this medication given by a friend. Alhamdulillah, it reduces my migraine a bit. A BIT ONLY.


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where you can reach me.