Sunday, February 20, 2011

when music makes you feel alive

People have their own ways of making things more interesting and less boring. It goes the same with studying.

Some find it more interesting to drink coffee before studying. Some may eat while studying. Some may even listen to their favourite songs. And as for me, I love the latter. 

To be true to myself, I can't study without songs. It feels like a necessity. But it is not good to be independent on certain things to get another thing done. You get what I mean?

It is not even a good practice to listen to songs while studying, especially reading. Your mind won't focus. But, here's the thing. If I don't listen to the songs while reading, I feel sooooooooooo boring that I would eventually succumb to drowsiness and hence sleeptalk.

However, as time goes by, listening to songs makes me feel more tired as my brain has to focus on two things which are way too distinguished from each other. It's sickening. 

Btw, this habit really makes me feel alive and I can't just live without you (songs to be exact).

uh-uh, how i found myself to be so in love with you~


.cik farah. said...

samala ngn aku jannah. aku pon x ley xstudy xde lagu. rasa mcm x bmaya je. hehe

Jαnnαhツ said...

tak bestkan study tanpa dengar lagu...

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