Thursday, March 03, 2011


Being a regular human makes me whine about things around me. i know it's not good to complain but still i feel so uncomfortable if i keep the feelings inside. it's good to express it this way.

actually, it makes me having headache just by reading these journals. some methods are not there, and i might have to re-hunt the info in the web, which i find to be very tiring. i know, seeking knowledge is onerous and it requires enormous efforts and patience, but this time, i feel like i can't take it anymore. even when i found the info, i got blurred for the infos are mind-boggling and way too complicated. why? firstly, maybe because most of them are new to me. for example, SEM and BET equation.

yeah, i know, i must read in order to understand. i did. and i'm still doing. but i just can't get it. that's why i feel so bothered. if only somebody would be here to understand my wrecked feelings. but still, there's nobody. the somebody is not here anymore. i'm thus becoming more tensed. if only this world requires no one to do research, if only there is no discoveries in our life that we need to bother with, if only life is much simpler, i would not have stuck in this way, and i will probably die out of boredom! come on dude, life would be freaking boring with no problem. pull yourself together jannah. wake up from your dream. life is not easy. you won't be ever living a life in bed of roses. you must strive bebeh...

p/s: picture tu sepatutnya menggambarkan situasi aku yg tengah termenung jauh tp sekali pandang nampak macam cubaan membunuh diri lah pulak. haha, jgn salah sangka pulak ye duhai readers sekalian? akidah ini masih utuh. wa ana minal muslimeen....

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Anonymous said...

kakak, ak xnk tanya soklan hampeh-da htr ke proposal tu?- since ak pulun gle nk siapkn menda tu skang. insyaallah, da makin hampir.. jz put our bes efforts + du'a dipermudahkn urusan, bri ketenangan dlm nk siapkn. jz thinkin' dat's the bez remedy after ak rs cm nk hantuk kpala kt dinding, nk tarik2 rmbut sume :p -ur adik kt Anggerik

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