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Thanks to Allah, we had finally ended our seminar IChemTech'11 with relief. Students from three IPTAs (UKM, UiTM, UM) also participated in the seminar. It was our pleasure to have so many students joining our seminar because it was the very first of its kind, representing our program, Industrial Chemical Technology and it reflects some kind of positive feedback from people outside the university. Overall, it was very exciting yet adrenaline-pumping moments in handling such seminar. Being the director of seminar, I was quite exhausted going back and forth to make sure everyone was set in their own position on that day ( I don't know why, but I felt like a douche wearing the blazer). The event flows very smoothly and it is all thanks to every committees that it went down very nicely. Therefore,  I would like to express my gratitude to all my friends who were very dedicated in making this seminar a reality. now my heart is finally at ease. well done everyone! 

Posing with Dr Aziz and Encik Asri

Our first speaker Prof Musa bin Ahmad, 
Deputy Vice Chancellor of Academic and International USIM

The second speaker Prof Basharuddin from Malaysia Genome Institute

Prof Basharuddin was a very great speaker. He is very brilliant too. I really was stupefied when he told us that he took 2 majors (double degree) and even completed them in 5 years. Computer Science and at the same time Chemistry. Wow, that really is something!

Prof Basharuddin receiving souvenir from Dr Hafez, acting Dean of FST

Prof Ikram M.Said from InBiosis UKM

Our last speaker, Dr Abdul Aziz bin Omar, senior fellow of FST, USIM. Dr Aziz have diverse experience in petroleum industry since he had worked with Petronas for more than 20 years. Being the last speaker, he got so many questions from the audience since what he had told us about his experience working in the challenging but lucrative world of petroleum industry was so interesting. Dr Aziz rocks!

Organizing committee members, first batch of Industrial Chemical Technology

Second batch of IChemTech

Big family tree, combining 3 batches

Faces of relief

yo, housemates!

p/s: it's so BRILLIANT of me to have my menses on that particular day. well done jannah!

Athirah Amran
Erma Fateha

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being a director really taught me to be responsible. with great power comes great responsibility. yes, the quote is true.

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