Wednesday, March 30, 2011


"What is the use of knowing the ash content?" Ha, ash content. Quite a straight-forward one yet challenging. Then I was like having my own sweet time thinking about the best answer to give and finally I came to answer Dr Siti's question like this, "Low ash content will produce high quality activated carbon. The low ash content contributes to adsorption efficiency," Pretty much like that la.... Then Dr Siti looked at me and said,

 "Why low ash content is good? Any specific reason?" I was like, whaa? Specific reason? I dunnow lol. I was thinking how to be like answering the question by ''tembak-tembak sudahla..." method.  I then repeat the same answer, being like so redundant. "Good adsorption capacity...". Whatever LoL.

Heh, I know Dr Siti would glare at me with a tinge of disbelief. And I was right on that. Tehee...
Then, Prof Basha came to give me that nerve-wrecking moments when he asked me why would I do the same thing as what had been done by the previous researchers. And I was struggling to find the answer and then I gave the best answer I could give. Well, I hope it was the best one. And when Prof Basha asked me questions, it was like in avalanche. Kesian......... kat aku la.. huhu..

Dr Farah dan Dr Nik sebagai evaluator. Yang berbaju kemeja biru tu adalah Prof Basha, external evaluator kami. Bukan external disk, tapi external evaluator. Pedulikan Imran.

Ni tyme Farah kena soal ngan Dr Nik. Pergh, soalan Dr Nik mmg gempak habis. 

Aik Farah, ape ko buat kat celah dinding tu...


Ha Shim Ah sedang present pasal enzim

Jannah pun hebat jugak kena soal ngan Dr Nik. Sabar ye Jannah, sabar...

Ni lak tyme rumet present. Thumbs up!

Bagi reward lepas present. Disebabkan aku yang mula2 order "Nasi goreng kampung telur mata satu!" seme duk pakat2 order nasi goreng pattaya, nak lawan aku punye pasal... whatever la korang... (*muka annoy*)

Nasi goreng sedap.........pergh!

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