Tuesday, April 19, 2011

super LIKE the Supernatural!

I really like this series. Seriously!! (excited mode). Well, whenever I came home for holidays, I will never forget to watch this all-time favourite TV series of mine. Don't be surprised coz not only me love the series but also my other siblings. That's why we had our best time together watching Supernatural. The series never bore me. The episodes are mostly interesting to watch. Actually it is not just about some random psychic ghost-busting events. It is about brotherhood and kinship between these two brothers and it is portrayed in most episodes. Believe me folks, it is really touching. Besides, the plot is always original and it really is worth watching.

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester and Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester.
Love watching them in the series! 

 These two handsome guys always go into the disguise as to gain information
 from people regarding the paranormal events in the city around the country.
Well, they're just too cute to resist, aren't they?

At first I thought they were some sort of gay since most Western people are
opting for that deviant lifestyle nowadays. But, to my surprise, they are NOT. These two are
even married to fair ladies lol. Hahaha, scratch that scary imagination, will ya?

However, the series is some kind of deviating when it comes to devils worshipping and intervention of angels whatsoever. Kids must not watch the series as they might be influenced by bad lifestyles. For me, I think I still can differentiate between the wrong and good ones. I watch it just for fun and to kill some time I guess. It's kind of fun watching these two saving people from devils and evil spirits, though many of their ways of killing those entities are totally out of question (sesat lagi menyesatkan). 

By the way, it's Jared!

Jared again!

..and again!

Jared padalecki wallpaper
Oh, Jared!!!!!!!!!! *fainted*

(err, excuse the writer's paranoic acts)
Handome wooh! Dah la tinggi giler. 193 cm.
 Surprised enough? Maybe not. It's Mat Salleh (American).
 Whadaya expect dude? But still sangat-sangat berbeda 
sekali ketinggian Jared ngan bini dia. 
Memang super tall la lelaki ni. Phew!

p/s: Kesimpulannya, jangan buat perjanjian dengan syaitan. Kelak akan memakan diri. 

Peace Out!

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