Sunday, April 24, 2011

what's boiling?

Yesterday, we had a super awesome dinner at Hajah Maznah Steamboat in Serdang. We went there with our lecturer, Dr Aziz. It was a wonderful gathering! FYI, it was the third time I had my dinner there. There were so many people at the eatery and it felt like being in some kind of 'competition' whenever it comes to choose and grab those various bits of seafood galore. Well, last time we had dinner there, there were not so many people like yesterday. It's because of Saturday, I guess.  

Before leaving Nilai for Hajah Maznah Steamboat

Delicious and juicy prawns you can't even say NO to.

Farah, Qadri, Imran and Qayum 

Happy people who never get tired to have steamboat for dinner

Throw anything you want into the boiling soup and indulge yourself  in the sweetness of various seafood galore like prawns, fish and cuttlefish. I really LOVE cuttlefish by the way! Simply irresistible.

Dig in!

Posing with Dr Aziz.

Like father like son?

Sweet bunch of smiles

Roommate!! We wore the same blouse lah!! (what's wrong with the face??!)

After digging in so much seafood, we got full enough to get back home. This was taken right before going home.

What a lovely bunch of happy peeps we were

Nice night view at Hajah Maznah Steamboat

She said I was looking so noob in this pic. 

Camwhoring ladies

It was so wonderful to gather around like this. Hope we will be able to go for other gathering next time. Make it soon!

Credits to Shima, Ema, Izah and others for all the nice pics


farah che wan said...

awesome!!!everyone was happy..may ALLAH bless dr..tqvm dr.

N said...

do do do do do do do do

Jαnnαhツ said...

amenda tu? dodododo...

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