Friday, May 06, 2011

girls night out

Walaupun rasa cam nak muntah tu still ade lepas main giant wheel kat amusement park, aku nak jugak upload gambar-gambar housemates aku (dan aku of course) masa keluar tadi. Punyalah semangat nak share ngan loyal readers aku (ade ke?) pasal outing kitorang yang best ni. Thanks to my awesome housemates for the precious memories. Love you all! Mmuah!!

At first, we crashed KFC in Tesco to try the so-called delicious OR Chicken Chop, which costs only RM9.90! Cheap. Don’t believe it? Try it! Me and roommate bought 2 sets and we shared them (sharing is caring kan? Kan?) However, indah khabar dari rupa. It wasn't that delicious. Hm, I overestimated that piece of thing. What to do? Shouldn't have any remorse for the Chicken Chop had already gone halfway down the intestines. Just needs some time to digest all of those delicious-but-full-of-calories foods. Hahaha!

The snack plate + O.R. Chicken Chop. Yeah, it's time to devour, my friends.

Well, after some time, I got too full to continue. Perut kenyang sangat-sangat sampai makan pun da tak bersemangat da. Then before we get back to the car, we saw the amusement park near the area. So, we decided to take a look at it and guess what, we even tried a game which we thought to be like an ordinary game/ not-giving-you-any-headache type of game before we ourselves experience the thing. It made me want to vomit. I got really queasy riding that piece of ****.

Ni time serious bincang nak main game ape kat amusement park tu 

Then we saw this. We thought it worth a try.

Best friends who always stick together, like those chewing gum berperisa mint (hehe)

Last-last, bila dia da stat pusing tue, semua duk menjerit tak hengat duniya! Hahaha, aku pun jerit gak, siap mintak pak cik tu tolong berhentikan game tu. Apa ko ingat ni themepark ko yang punye??

At last, I ended up screaming like crazy!! Feels like vomiting now. Baldi please...


rumet~ said... giler!!
ak kecut prut smpei diam terkaku..
xsampei half lg wheel tu naik ak da stat pejam mata..
rse xbpe nk worth sgt rm4 tu sbb xboley bke mte smpai habis..
tp klu bke mmg rse nk mati..
msg2 pgg pemegang kuat2.. smpei lpe kt org sblh..
smpei2 brair2 tgn..

p/s; len kli ALI BABA jom!

Einaz Shah Rizal Thomas said...

haiy you ! ;)

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where you can reach me.