Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rocky, Didi & Dido

Now, we got three newborn kitties, 2 males and one female. They are Bubu's kittens. Last time, I took their photos using my phone but it seems to be quite blurry and of low quality. Now, I use my brother's DSLR with vivid images mode to capture the photos and believe me, the captured cats look much more VIVID even at night! Ahhaaha! 

Hm, I'm still thinking about the names for those three. Maybe for the black male one, I shall name it Rocky, coz his colour is pretty much like the big black chunk of rock at Kemasik Beach. So just hope that he'll grow up becoming a big strong cat just like the big strong rock! Yeah, maybe someday.

Now, for the twins. Why do I say twins? Coz yeah, there are two orange-coloured kitties, one is female and another one is male. For the female, I shall name it Dido. Remember Dido the singer? White Flag? Ring a bell? Haha, actually I saw that name in the Internet on what-names-you-should-give-to-cats. Well, just maybe. Perhaps, my other siblings got other much more brilliant suggestions. Yes, we must stick to the consensus.  I heard just now my youngest brother saying ''Mickey, Mickey!". Mickey? Haha. Cute what? 

For the male twin, maybe 'Didi' suits him. Hm, any other suggestions? 

Buat muka kesian. "Jangan jual kami.. please!"

Ololo cuteness overloaded

Hai duniya

Sempit woihh

CTVK *comey tomey vomey komey


posing ala model kucing whiskas

lip lap lip lap mata berkedippp

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Adean said...

waaa....comelnye.rocky,did n dido.

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