Monday, May 23, 2011


Alas, I woke up so early today although last night I didn't get enough sleep for I surfed up till 2AM!  With those drowsy eyes and swollen faces, I had to get up. Why? Coz I must do the routine and typical types of chores; sweeping and mopping. Actually I have this kind of severe allergy to those dusts and fur. Nevertheless, I gotta get this job done since I'm the only girl in this house at that moment who is capable of doing such chores. Wait, there is another one who was capable as well! It was my bro. But then again, it's a boy we're talking about. Boys won't bother doing such chores I guess. It's hard to find one anyway. The only things he'd like to be engrossed doing would be surfing the net. 

I  started by sweeping the floor all over the house. But before that I had placed the cat outside the house for the cat would interrupt my movement around the house to complete all the sweeping and mopping.  Then only I started working up the floor. 

Hachoom!  I sneezed so hard whenever the dust was dispersed into the air whenever I swept the area which was left uncleaned for quite a long time. Just imagine how much dust had clogged in such area and one sweep and you'll be left sneezing like crazy! The condition got even worse for those who has asthma or sinusitis a.k.a resdung. Resdung people like me have this kind of sensitive nose, you know? It's kind of bothering sometimes. 

foot note: today I had nasi kerabu for breakfast. It was freaking awesome! So delicious!

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