Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Who's Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul?

Introducing the hottest member of South Korean boy band  2PM who is just one year older than me. Well, to my surprise he is not even a Korean lol, he is actually a Thai. Born in California, he and his family moved to Thailand and there was where he got his elementary education. At twelve, his family went back to California and he continued his study in one of the high schools there.  

Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul  is really talented, man! This guy is a multilingual singer fyi! This super cute and adorable handsome boy with the unique charm that can melt any girl's heart knows speaking Thai, Korean, English and even Mandarin! His talent was discovered by a K-Pop manager-cum-producer of JYP Entertainment, at the Los Angeles Korean Music Festival! What a lucky break! (so many exclamation marks here!!! See how excited I am???!!)

At first, I thought he is a pan-Asian coz he is very tall and having a bit of that Caucasian look on his face. However, he was actually born to Thai Chinese parents so he is a pure Asian lol. Well, he is lucky for having such a cute baby-face besides his very tall physical.  These features make him a very perfect entertainer. Amongst other 2PM members, Nickhun has the best kind of charm with the dewy eyes and the killing smile which are way too hard not to fall for!

 Well, for a boyband with a bunch of tall handsome guys having that kind of singing and dancing talents are just too irresistible to those fanatic female fans. You can see their frantic and chaotic screams during any of their live performances (this actually annoys me, seriously).

p/s: I got so saturated with the songs by 2PM. Please, help me forget 2PM and Nickhun. Please..! They are like banging in my head. 

p/s/s: I tell you what, I'm gonna put the blame on my sister who told me about the 2PM song 'I'll Be Back' coz that song made me become crazy over this group, especially NICKHUN. I can't get any crazier!

p/s/s/s: (pissed off note) Now he got married paired to Victoria Song through the reality TV show, We Got Married (that really left me crest-fallen and heartbroken, sob2).

By the way, Nickhun is just irresistible!


N said...

pa ceghah

iLoveNichkhun4ReaL!! said...

yeah, nichkhun is a really talented boy.

i watched a show, a thai show 'Woody talks to Nichkhun' something like that. he said at first he didn't even know how to sing or dance until he had nearly given up to being an entertainer. but fortunately got some supportive words from his parents and that was when he turned his fury into inspiration.

now, we can see where he is standing. very driven young handsome man we got right here. we all love you, nichkhun!

p/s: he seemed to be some sort of mom's boy when he said that he just wanted to go back home and stop all these training so on so forth. he really was a pampered boy back then lol.

Adean said...


Anonymous said...

hello, i'm another nichkhun fan.

I like listen to other songs too. Try listen to 'I hate you', 'tired of waiting' and 'Again & Again'.

I also like 10 out of 10.their dance moves are awesome in the video. nichkhun is so cute in the video....

love nichkhun!
nomnom jua hey!!

Budak Retarded said...

x payah la minat 2PM tu. minat nichkhun takpe sebab dia baik dan kiut. ngehngehngeh...!

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