Sunday, May 08, 2011

young and dangerous travellers

Alhamdulillah. Semester 6 pengajianku di USIM sudahpun melabuhkan tirainya beberapa hari yang lalu. All I can say is that, I'm a bit relieved to know that I'm now on a leave. Long leave! 4 month-leave yaw! No more note making and reading which often make me having severe headache (maybe sebab buat notes pun last minute). Okay, put that little thing aside for a while will ya?

Well, as time goes by, I think we are getting more and more mature in the process of learning throughout this life. Next semester will watch me becoming a final year student. FINAL YEAR a.k.a SENIOR YEAR! That means a lot of efforts to be made. There will be only one semester left for us to struggle and strive to get good pointer in the exams. Insya-Allah, kita usaha doa tawakkal dengan selari, dan sukses!

Macam kelakar pun ade bila aku ingat balik kisah aku ngan Farah masa nak balik kampung hari tu. It seemed that everyone was so ready to go home right after our last paper. That made me become overjoyed to go home. Actually, I prefer hanging out with my friends and being at our rented house requires me to take care of only myself. Compared to when I come home, I'll have to take care of everyone, well at least it feels like I have to take care of everyone. Maybe because I'm the first daughter, that's it. I ought to carry the responsibilities behind my back. 

Okay, lets get back to the topic. Hm, that day, Athirah and Ira left earlier than the rest of us.  They left for KTM Nilai to catch the train while I was busy minding my laundry at the yard. At 9.00 am, all five of us set off to the ticket-selling shop near UIAM. We was so surprised to see the shop was close! What to do? I pretend to be cool for I know, it would be useless if I become distraught in such a panic situation. Chill la, chill! Then we thought that we could buy tickets at Hentian Putra coz the chance of getting tickets there is much higher than at Seremban. What a brilliant idea! Kan da kata kena chill, baru otak leh function ngan betul, tepat, tulus lagi mulus. Then, Farahiyah and I alighted at Giant before we got into a taxi and went straight to KTM Nilai. There, we met these fellas. 

Semua muka bahagia sebab nak balik kampung

Masa tengah duk tunggu train tu, lagi baik kalau korang baca buku daripada mata melilau sana-sini tengok orang lalu lalang. Ha, nilah contoh terbaik; baca buku sambil tunggu train yang bergerak ala-ala siput tu. Kawan-kawan aku memang pandai menghargai masa. 

We arrived at Hentian Putra at 11.20 a.m.. There were only a few people minding their own businesses at the terminal. Me and Farah went straight to the counters to seek the tickets. Alas, there were many tickets available but all of them would move at 1 pm. Then Farah said, "Lets go ask another counter there," while pinpointing the direction. I asked the pakcik where we could get tickets at 11 am. Then he said, "Adik-Beradik ada dik," Before we turned back to get back to the counter, the pakcik tadi called another pakcik who wore a blue uniform with a tag of TRANSNATIONAL.  "Ha, mana tadi hok nok balik kappong tapi takdok tiket tuh?" (with a very pekat slang of Kelantanese). 

He said to follow him. We were quite baffled. Yelah tetibe je ada stranger ajak kitorang nak pegi mana entah. Tapi maybe sebab dia pakai uniform bas tu, so aku cam berani sket lah. Pakcik tu cakap sambil senyum kambing, "Marilah. Ya Allah, takut sangat bakpe gok? Bukannya nak buat ape pong," in his Kelantanese slang which was pekat and likat and ketat. Apasal pakcik ni bawak bas ganu tapi kecek Kelate plok? Very confusing, indeed. Memangla kitorang takut pakcik, we don't know you, and you don't know us, so tell me now, how do we suppose to believe strangers in the middle of nowhere? 

However, we saw a bus at the side of the road. Alhamdulillah. Whatever he said before was right, no lies la. I could smell the scent of joy since we get to go home at last. I also smelled something like dead creature, a carcass to be exact. That was the moment when I realized that there was a dead cat at the side of the road and it smelled like, what a stench??!

p/s: now i'm bored being at home, doing nothing....

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