Wednesday, June 29, 2011

taking for a spin

A sneak peak at Lamborghini Sesto Elemento.

Dare to get behind the wheels of this new Lamborghini car? Take a spin and you'll see the difference. This car is freaking awesome. It can accelerate 100 km/h in just 2.5 second! So fast aye? Its going to be conquering any racing tracks soon. 

What makes Sesto Elemento so special is that this car is made of carbon fiber, giving rise to its overall weight of 999 kg. So far, this is the lightest car Lamborghini had ever produced. The name, Sesto Elemento (Italian which means Sixth Element) stems  from the extensive use of carbon, being the sixth element in the periodic table. 

Why carbon  fiber by the way? Carbon fiber is a material used for many sports cars due to its lightweight property and stiffness. The stiffness is said to be important for high speed performance. Nevertheless, this car is said to be illegal for road (maybe because the very high speed is deadly dangerous) and for your information, the price is about $2.8 million! Wow, very expensive! I definitely can't afford that (that comes without saying).

Yesterday, I took another 'driving class' with my father in order to refresh my memory on the  lessons in Akademi Memandu Nilai, AMN. I drove so dangerously that my father seemed to be scared of my way of driving. Why did I become so lousy when it come to driving? I so don't know. I already took the class and even got a driving license (though still a probationary one) but my skill seemed to be lacking. Poor me. Maybe next time I should always practice being behind the wheels of a manual car. 

Still my father wanted me to practice again today. (-_-')

Sesto Elemento rocks!


Listener said...

buatlah kereta dari sodium pulak...kihkihkih

Jαnnαhツ said...

kalau buat dari sodium, alamatnya meletup lah kete engkau. sodium tak boleh kene udara sebab dia react dengan moisture dalam udara tu. bahaya lah.

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