Friday, July 08, 2011

gonna miss MYSA'11!


Hey guys. Long time no see. For those who'd been wondering where I'd gone to for a while, I actually was attending MYSA'11. What is MYSA anyway???

Ehem (clearing throat). MYSA'11 stands for Malaysian Young Scientists Assembly. This program was organized by USIM you know? So proud when your own university organized such a great program. The participants comprised students from various universities all over Malaysia and they came from various fields. Attending the 3-day program was such a fun and if I were to put it in one word, MYSA'11 is AWESOME. 

Seriously, I really was FORTUNATE to be able to attend MYSA'11, really really FORTUNATE (see the capslock?). Thanks to Dr Salina who signed me up for it. Thank you Dr, nomu-nomu chua hey. Gumawoo!! I really benefited from the program. Actually, MYSA was inspired by Nobel Laureates Meeting with Young Scientists in Lindau, Germany and that's why most activities in MYSA were akin to those of Lindau's meeting (at first I thought Lindau was somewhere in China LOLLLLLLL)

Among the activities were Cruise Lake in Putrajaya and Amazing Race. I found Amazing Race to be the most FUN thing ever! Why? Coz having to work together in completing the challenging tasks given at every checkpoint was really intriguing. It helped us to build the spirit of teamwork and I felt like we were being much closer doing that. Despite the lowest mark we got (pathetic dowww!) we still felt satisfied coz we got to share the fun together.

One funny thing was that, I even got to meet my junior from my high school at MYSA! At first I thought she was USIMian since she looked so familiar to me. But after I told somebody that I came from SMKATJ and she overheard me, then she turned to me and said, "Apa? Sekolah mana??" and I repeated it was SEMENTOJi and she was like, "Wow, you are my senior!!". 

First day speech by Prof Dato Syeikh Omar Abdul Rahman. The quote he gave was so meaningful. 
"A bird fly in the sky, a man looks up, the bird shitting in his eyes, the man neither sad nor man, he said "Thank God, cattle can't fly."

Everyone is preoccupied listening to the talk

Proud to be a participant representing USIM

Kawang-kawang nok naik Cruise di Tasik Putrajaya

Apa yang klako sangat nie kawang-kawang?

Ce teka sape posing macho

Sweet smiles

Masa dengar arahan keselamatan

Khusyuk2 belaka

Nice view

Listening to the Prof's answering questions

Prof Basharuddin was also in the boat

A session with Prof Dr halimaton, the eminent scientist figure in Nanotechnology in Malaysia. She's 50 but she doesn't look like one to me.

Students listening to Prof Halimaton's adverse experience in surface chemistry

Photo session with Prof Dr Halimaton

Everyone wore black attires. See that tall person? That was me.

With Dr Salina, Dr Azwani and my beloved friends. Nampak separuh pun okay da kot (sob sob)

All participants of MYSA'11

Wallah, roommate-ku!



Kami (?)

... dan boat cruise.

Signature dari kawan2 satu group. Sedih sebab takde banyak sangat pun gambar group aku nie. Wuwu~ Really gonna miss them so much. NOBELIST rocks!

Sweet memories... (Hazim, Ifwat, Syafiq, Hanif Bang Long, Sallam, Teha, Swarna, Kak Najwa, Aku, Nadwa junior SEMENTOJI, Bella, Kwan dan Ain)

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